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Men should understand exactly what products do, and it is a matter of parlance. Forget  lipo- reduction treatment , what a man worries about are  Love handles . Forget  revitalizing serum , what is you need is  Morning After Rescue . Want to know how we call our  moisturizing day cream  Bonne Gueule (i.e. Great Looks in vernacular French).
No nonsense means delivering the goods and explaining how it is done. No magic, no fuss, no preposterous claims, just the plain old truth about the products. All in words that men use and understand, straightforward and to the point. No need for any beautician credentials or for any degree in linguisitcs to figure out a NICKEL product.

Products for every moment in life.
Men shouldn't have to change anything in the way they live their lives just for the sake of using cosmetics. Cosmetics should adjust to them. This is why NICKEL's angle has been the offering of products catering to specific needs felt at specific moments in life : sports, traveling, partying, relaxing. Living up to today's men's expectations means immediate action, with immediate and visible effectivenes. This is what NICKEL's products achieve : firming, reduction of puffiness, equalization of red marks. Feeling good immediately, looking good without ever letting know what it took.

Bold and innovative formulas
Men have thicker skins than women. In addition, the wear and tear factors that they are made to suffer are of greater intensity (sports, shaving, etc.) . No wonder NICKEL's products are beefed up in active principles well beyond the going standards of feminine cosmetics. Tensor agents, fruit acids, vitamin baskets, diet minerals, each and every component used in our formulas are acknowledged to be active and efficient. And, wouldn't you know, NICKEL has a few trade secrets up its sleeve. Products that act on the skin and make it felt : be ready for a thrill.

Men's packaging
All of NICKEL's packagings are sturdy, metallic, hefty and large. Why? Because users feel comfortable using them liberally, casually and without giving it a thought. Just splash'em !

Designed for a new generation of men
A new generation of men has emerged the world over : men who actually care how their body looks and who actually look after themselves. This goes well beyond the much talked about metro-sexuals. Regular people want efficient and no non sense user friendly and yet serious cosmetics and treatment products. Just the products, not the blurb and the nonsense around them.

That is what NICKEL is about!

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