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Spongeables, LLC is a Los Angeles-based technology and innovation company providing leadership in new product concepts, delivery systems and categories within the global consumer products market. The company has invented a patent-pending technology and proprietary infusion manufacturing process combining time released cleansing products, efficacious skincare ingredients, and a sponge matrix in one convenient, long lasting product.

Spongeables' delivery mechanism increases enjoyment and utility within the bathing environment. Our consumers benefit from having a fun, entertaining and relaxing spa-like experience. Though women and children have predominantly embraced the concept, our male products are gaining steam as well.

Central to these new product innovations is Spongeables, LLC's proprietary infusion technology. By adapting the process to a variety of breakthrough personal care products, all distinguished by the quality of their ingredients, original packaging, and creative shapes and colors, Spongeables products have been award winners since inception, and have achieved immediate market attention and avid consumer interest.

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